Episode 17 with Radomir Dopieralski

Released Sep 05, 2022 (recorded Aug 03, 2022)

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Guest(s): Radomir Dopieralski

Topics: Radomir and Paul talk about Radomir's start with computers growing up behind the Iron Curtain, gaming with CircuitPython, robots and more

Episode length: 0:12:48

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Show Notes

0:00:15 Welcome and getting started with computers behind the Iron Curtain

0:02:50 Handheld games and the Pew Pew family

0:04:30 Learning CircuitPython with Pew Pew in workshops

0:06:42 How does CircuitPython make it easy to program games?

0:08:02 What are the challenges in using CircuitPython to program games?

0:10:30 Robot building

0:13:30 The Fluff Bug robot

0:14:30 Which microcontroller?


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