Episode 21 with Jason Pecor

Released Oct 31, 2022 (recorded Sep 28, 2022)

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Guest(s): Jason Pecor

Topics: Jason and Paul talk about the River Prairie Trolls

Episode length: 0:19:19

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Show Notes

0:04:05 How Jason discovered CircuitPython

Photo of Jason

0:05:40 Meet the Trolls

Photo of the three trolls

0:07:50 The park in summertime

Photo of the park

0:08:55 Proof of concept using CircuitPython

0:11:05 CircuitPython hardware in the trolls

Photo of the enclosure with hardware

0:12:45 Audio Demo

0:13:35 Surviving the climate

0:14:00 Solar Charging Battery

Solar Charging Station

0:16:05 The Blue Troll

Photo facing the Blue Troll

Which microcontroller?


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